whiskey or ink

i like old stuff and old ideas.
Tattooist's Apprentice. Art, ads, pictures, things about old American, working class culture. Stuff like that.

Snow can melt now. I just want to drive this. #52chevy #1952chevy #styleline (at Lake Linden, MI)
Started this guy yesterday.  (at The Edge Tattoo)
Probably a solid 18” #thatswhatshesaid
A few from this week. An eye/hand on @mostlymedia , a wrappy wavy little flag on @akakevakakev , and an ultimate warrior with “always believe”. Thanks fellas! (at The Edge Tattoo)
Keeping track of what my cars held together with by writting the list on the ceiling. #52chevy #1952chevy #progress #houghtonmi #upperpeninsula #uppermichigan  (at Lake Linden, MI)
Drawing day (at The Edge Tattoo)
Deep in thought.
Bye buddy, I hope you find your dad! Photo credit to @alexifresh who also got the tattoo. Thanks for letting me do it! It was a fun little project/hangout session!
Mom rose on @jessdricks today.
Miner work today. A little wrapped, a little glared and a little bloody.
In celebration of opening day baseball next monday, I want to do one or both of these and coincidently I have time open tomorow! #baseball #baberuth #tycobb #flash #openingday #detroitbaseball #spring #houghtonmi #upperpeninsula #uppermichigan #theedgetattoo #edgetattoo
SERIOUSLY wanting spring. Ready for car work and being outside in the dirt.  @gregpiper3 #masonmotors #52chevy #1952chevy #fuckyouwinter
If you feel good about severed mystic eye ball hands, I would put this on your body.
If you like ladies who accidently braid a rose into their hair and cry about it, I want to put this on your body.