whiskey or ink

i like old stuff and old ideas.
Tattooist's Apprentice. Art, ads, pictures, things about old American, working class culture. Stuff like that.

Eagle I did a couple weeks ago. Weird glares and angles but there it is. (at The Edge Tattoo)
Lil misfits skull (at The Edge Tattoo)
Did this guy saturday. Thanks @jessdricks !
One of the eye ball hands I did a couple months ago all healed up on my bud @jordykilpela
Painted a little hank williams today and put it in a cool frame I bought at a garage sale. (at The Edge Tattoo)
American stuff #52chevy  (at The Edge Tattoo)
cardinal (at The Edge Tattoo)
Fun little guys inspired by old things. I would be pumped to tattoo these.  (at The Edge Tattoo)
Ye ole exploding woodstove (at The Edge Tattoo)
Did this girl head/ rose today on @xomommydear today. Thanks yo!
Jeebus (at The Edge Tattoo)
This is what it looks like when your stuffed animals come to life.
Wu tang bee on @jessdricks today. Thanks gurl!
An actual spring looking/feeling morning. I’ve missed you, Bosch bill board.
Picked up the Chevy lastnight with the new exhaust. #1952chevy #52chevy